Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Fun Night - Canadian Thanksgiving

This week's Family Fun Night is a shout out to my Canadian friends and family who celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday. 

When I saw the turkey in my freezer, I realized I didn't have to miss out on my Thanksgiving. I had everything in my cabinets I needed to bring Canada to Chi-Town!

Table Centerpiece 
(by my husband)

My mother taught us to always invite someone to Thanksgiving dinner. 
This is Cr8ve Chaos. He is J's brother 
from another mother

Tonight was a night of many firsts:

1st turkey I cooked
Got my directions from:
I called my mother-in-law when the turkey didn't turn brown on top. It was juicy, but white. I looked for where it said to cook uncovered. I must have missed it. 

1st stuffing I made
1st time making gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Banana Pumpkin Cupcakes
Dessert was a yummy new creation I made. 
J came home raving about a banana pumpkin bread he had over the weekend. I could not find 1 single banana pumpkin cupcake recipe so I added 1 mashed banana to this one from Southern I figured it had to be good because it was 'southern' and 
southerners know their food!

Some facts Americans may not know....
Yes, Canadians have thanksgiving too. 
Yes, we eat turkey and stuffing and pumpkins too. 
Yes, we have football on this national holiday.
Our Thanksgiving is to give thanks for the harvest.
Our Thanksgiving is held the 2nd Monday of October

The men had seconds on my firsts.
Everyone loved the banana pumpkin cupcakes 
with cream cheese frosting.
The grownups enjoyed our guest and the kiddos 
had a blast getting to know Cre8ve Chaos.

Of course, we all gave thanks for 
one thing before eating.

Please check out Whittaker Woman 
for more great family fun night ideas!

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Canada misses you, The Devine Mrs. W!!!!