Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - Desk Top


This is the desk I was supposed to be using to homeschool. 
Yeah, not so much.
 I figured out what I needed for organization, bought it, and voila!
I really got into it....
Reorganized the entire bookcase
And the file box on the bottom right
To be honest, I only use the desk for storage of homeschool supplies. Our "class room desk" is in the kitchen, the living room couch, 
dining table, or on the patio!!
I also cleaned out the 'letter' box. Wasn't going to 'cause I didn't think it was really part of the desk itself. It now houses my current reading material and daily to-do items.

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Nice Tackle, Mony!
You (almost) make me feel inspired to tackle something around here, but I spent the afternoon yesterday just cleaning up the mess Dave and the girls managed to create over the course of 3 days while I was working.
Today, I'm hoping to tackle making something with my brand, new, shiny, beautiful, KitchenAid FOOD PROCESSOR I just got.
Lucky me!!!
(i'll have to blog my creation!! lol).

Susie said...

Great tackle!! I love the containers:-)

Karen said...

It looks great!

HDMac said...

you did a GREAT job!