Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family Fun Night - Movie Night

Each week, we have a themed Family Fun Night. 
J and I were so tired from our 'vacation' we just wanted a night to chill and relax. J came up with the brilliant idea to rent a movie and lay on the couch with the kids. 
J said I put more energy into it than we talked about. 
Hmmm...Ya think?
This was up when J got home!
I know the neighbors must think we are insane.
Wall-E has nothing to do with the theme. It was just the cheapest movie poster at the video store and the kiddos love Wall-E.
Current Features
Theatre Seating
To get past the front door, everyone had to 'pay' admittance.
We used play money and each child paid for their tickets. I even made J pay for his wife's ticket. 
I printed tickets I found on the Internet.
I made those Coke cups. Underneath, they say 'Subway'.
Overpriced theatre candy!
We all wore our PJ's and curled up on the couches.
We watched Charlotte's Web. 
The kids can watch the Bee Movie tomorrow.

Now, please go visit the queen of Family Fun Nights, 


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Simone, what can I say? You have totally become my family fun hero and I am just so proud of the incredible mommy you've grown-up to be. You totally, totally, rock.

Anonymous said...

I love Family Nights that are low key! Great job! Oh and the tickets, love it. H

Billie said...

Oh, mY!!! What a cute idea. I may have to borrow that ticket idea. Very classic!

Shan said...

Oh I am so "borrowing" this idea for movie night!!