Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Loft

My blog hero, Whittaker Woman, asked to see more pictures of our loft. The reason J captured that amazing photo of the Chicago skyline the night before we left for vacation, was because he was running around snapping pictures of the loft. In the morning, he got a few more pictures of the outside.  
Heather (a.k.a. Whittaker Woman), this is for you!
We enter from the balcony. 
The balcony is so big, we are able to fit our patio furniture.
We eat here a couple of times a week.
The entry
J put in those lights. That picture is 5 ft x 3 ft
View of our neighbors balconies from the kitchen.
View down hallway from entry
Mini Me's bedroom. 
Mini Me & Motor Mouth are actually asleep in the bed which 
is why the decorative pillows are on the floor.
It's hard to see, but we have an Eiffel Tower collection up there.
Motor Mouth's Bedroom
It's the only bedroom that is fully enclosed.
Kids Bathroom
Master Bathroom
We have a double sink, not sure why he didn't get it all.
Ceiling in the hallway.
Our bedroom 'ceiling' is on the right.
View down hallway and partial office space

Partial living room ceiling view
Ceiling view of living room & Paris' room
That picture of the kiddos was our 2006 Christmas card cover.
Below, in the frame, are the wings Motor Mouth was wearing in the photo.
Living Room

Dining area

Early morning view of the Chicago skyline from living room.

There are more pictures in my Loft Pictures Category. 
Hope you enjoyed, Heather!!


whittakerwoman said...

Oh my Gosh, I am so moving in! That is amazing! H

Anonymous said...

why are there never any pics of the master bedroom?

Widney Woman said...

In light of the 'tape' being leaked on the internet from our anniversary (refer to Widney Wednesday - Anniversary Theme), our team of attorneys have advised us to not show our bedroom. Anonymous, I answered your question, now it's your turn - Why don't you ever say who you really are?

Anonymous said...

Hey that is anonymous #1. anonymouse #2 didn't ask that question!!!! Great answer. I enjoy your blog.

Michelle said...

I soooo love it and can't wait to see it in person! :-) I sure enjoyed our talk today, we need to make it a weekly chat! I just want to say what an awesome friend you are, you are really an amazing woman that I respect and have fun with! It's so hard to find TRUE friends today and I am glad to call you one of my "BFF's"!! HAHA!! Love you girl! (and the rest of the Widney's too!)

Shan said...

It's stunning!