Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Motor Mouth Allergy Update #1

As you may recall from my blog on Saturday, Motor Mouth had a severe allergic reaction, requiring him to go to the ER. 
There was a birthday party for Grandma Grandma at Widney Manor Saturday evening. Motor Mouth was so self-conscious about his appearance, he didn't want Skaterboy, his friend, to see his face. Motor Mouth went to the costume store and picked up a Batman mask and cape. 

Motor Mouth LOVES Batman!! 
He also picked up eye masks and animal noses (elephant tusk, mouse nose, etc.) for the other children so Motor Mouth didn't stand out and didn't have to worry about how he looked. It worked!!
I am happy to report Motor Mouth's face and hand swelling (yeah, his hands and arms were a bit swollen as well) has gone done. My beautiful boy is back!! He has a couple of scratches on his face from when he was rubbing it on the way back from the lake Friday.
The kiddos and I decided to take BUS by OURSELVES to the doctor's new office. 
Motor Mouth would have me to tell you we took the #8 Halsted bus.
Feed Mini Me and she is good to go!
The doctor prescribed an EpiPen Jr and a referral to an allergist. I called the allergist on the way out the door of the doctor's office. Good thing!! Initially, I was told Motor Mouth would not be able to get in for "MONTHS". Then, she found an opening for Tuesday morning. I don't know what I am doing with Mini Me yet, but Motor Mouth and I will be there!!

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