Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sun Allergy

We went boating yesterday afternoon. Motor Mouth started having itchy arms and his face was burning/itching.  He kept putting water on to soothe it. At 11 pm when he went to bed, he seemed fine. A little coughing, but fine for the most part.

By 5 am, Motor Mouth looked like this.  
J and his dad took Motor Mouth to the ER. They gave him a steroid and we are giving him allergy meds. I'm happy to report Motor Mouth can now see out of his right eye. His eye is about 1/3 open and his face is still too swollen to recognize him. But we believe the swelling to be coming down.

I went online and typed in 'sun allergy'. From the sounds of it, Motor Mouth has this (technically, it is an immune system thing). I just thought Motor Mouth was allergic to Oklahoma!

When we return to Chicago, I will take Motor Mouth to be tested to confirm my net diagnosis and to rule out other things.  But it sounds like there really is such a thing as being allergic to the sun. 


Shan said...

Oh the poor little guy. I'm glad the swelling is going down. It looked uncomfortable.

Amanda Donaho Photography said...

Poor Jazz!!! I hope all is well again!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Shan wrote exactly what I just said outloud to myself,
"Poor Little Guy!"

I hope he was feeling better fast.