Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chi-Town to T-Town Installment #6


This day started with the ending of yesterday. We went to visit our BFF Starr, and kept her company until her husband and son came about 4 am.

In the evening, it was a rockin' party for Grandma Grandma's birthday
Grandma Grandma
We remember the days when Grandma Grandma would wistfully look at her married grandchildren and say, "All of my friends have great-grandbabies and I don't have any." Grandma Grandma is so sweet, we were all putting in extra effort to make her dream a reality.

Now, she is called Grandma Grandma by her 14 great-grandchildren (all 5 & under), with 2 more on the way!
Baby Sis, one of 3 pregos in the fam.
Oh, and she now has more great-children than most of her friends!

Huggy and PJ
These are my favorite of Grandma Grandma's friends. They are so special to me, like an aunt and uncle. I refer to her hubby as 'Huggy' because he gives the best hugs! PJ is so sweet and kind, I just love her.

Some of our friends came to the party. 
Mickey & Minnie
Neon & Starr
Skater Boy - Motor Mouth's friend
JBW & KeiKei (J's aunt & cousin)
Train Boy & Baby Sis (Baby Y is the 'bump')
T.A.S.T.E. was there, but I forgot to get pictures!

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