Sunday, August 10, 2008

Widney Manor

You've heard of Widney Loft. 
Some of you are familiar with Widney Home. 
This is Widney Manor. 
It is party central where Baby Sis had her high school graduation party.
Where our wedding reception was held.
Baby Sis and other brides were married on the front steps, the foyer, 
Or the front lawn. 
Every major holiday is celebrated here. 
Widney men have enjoyed a cigar on the porch.
Many passers through have called the guest rooms their home. 
Including all 3 children and their spouses.
J used the house and yard as a backdrop for many photo shoots. 
It is where we've all had our baby showers.
It is where the first born grandchildren 
came home from the hospital. 
Our children fish in the pond
And run around the yard.

When Grandma Fishstick, Flower Mom (Faith Chick's mom), and Grandma Grandma each passed away, 
the family gathered here after the memorial services. 
This is home.

Now, for an interesting bit of trivia:
Widney Loft costs as much to buy as Widney Manor cost to build!


FaithChick said...

Your right Simone. I love it. It has for sure always been my security blanket. I don't think it would be the same wonderful place and at home feeling with out mom and dad. They just make it homey.

Widney Woman said...

And mom and dad's openness and willingness to let everyone eat at their table, find rest in the guest rooms, and laugh with them!

DonnaMomma said...

Thanks Girls! And I love you too. That's why I put out my best efforts for my kids because you guys are the treasures in my "little" treasure box. You are my children - not of my body, but of my heart.

jasonwidney said...

I have wanted them to sell the place for years now. After reading this I never want them to sell the place. It actually brought a tear to my eye to read this

Shan said...

It's just stunning. You can feel the love in a house like that just from the pictures. Beautiful post.

Threeundertwo said...

Wow! That is an incredibly gorgeous house!

Justice Jonesie said...