Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chi-Town to T-Town Installment #5


We ran errands most of Friday without Motor Mouth because he was with his favorite person in the world - Grandpa FlyGuy.
Playing to an audience at the bank
A surprise visit to the best childcare provider in the world - Missy Me.
Missy Me cared for both Motor Mouth and Mini Me but there was a special bond with Mini Me.
Missy Me's girls LOVE Mini Me and she loves them. Can you tell?
We went to the airport to meet J's parents to go out to the lake.
But they weren't there. After finally meeting up, we went boating. 
My beautiful mother-in-law, DonnaMomma
Mini Me loved tubing with Daddy but...
Motor Mouth wanted to spend the night in the cabin.

J and I visited our BFF Starr at her new house which is wonderful and has a great pool.
I don't covet my friends' things but I DO covet this chair, and have for many years. I've asked Starr to put it in her will for me to have if she goes first. That's about the only way she will part with this piece.

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