Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chi-Town to T-Town Installment #4


We slept in until almost 11:30 am this morning, meaning we missed breakfast at the hotel. We were both looking forward to it, as this particular hotel has great eggs. Oh well, we got to lunch at Michael V's instead. Both of us were excited at the prospect of seeing our favorite server, Kingsley. I can't place what it is about Kingsley that we love so much, we just know we love him.
After lunch, we popped in to our former church to give Mystic Muse hugs. While standing in Connie's doorway, we got hugs from no less than 10 people we had worked with and loved for the last 8 years. More on this another day.
We visited with our dear friends, Mickey and Mini Me, for what seemed like 15 minutes but was well over an hour. The men were upstairs while the ladies got caught up downstairs. Fashionista, their oldest daughter, commented to her friend that her dad had a play date at the moment. Cute, Fashionista. 

On the way back to Widney Manor, we drove by the former Widney House. We have absolutely no heart connection to our first house purchase and the place we brought our babies home to. Maybe it's because we ripped out every shrub, tree, and flower, and the fountain in the front flower beds last year, thinking we would re-landscape. 
Faith Chick and the kids visited and we had a cook out at Widney Manor. Grandma CC came over later in the evening. It was great to see her again.

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Shan said...

It looks like it 's been a great trip so far. And happy anniversary!!