Monday, August 18, 2008

Mini Date Night - Ministry Style!

J's parents had the kids all afternoon and evening Sunday. J had a last minute volunteer glitch for evening service. I asked if I could fill in.
After talking to J Mom of 5, who suggested J and I go out for ice cream after this evening's service, I decided to turn it into a mini date night - ministry style!

I was in the bat cave alone except for lots of high tech gear
Had my M & M's to keep me company
Part way through service, J came over the headset and told me I was doing a great job!
Still had some M & M's to keep me company
Then I screwed up on a video!!
And had less M & M's to keep me company
I worked really hard to not screw anything else up
I had no more M & M's so I was lonely
Soon, I got to leave the Bat Cave
And have a nice dinner with my husband.


Felicity said...

What a coincidence! Dan and I had a ministry-style weekend away! I didn't do much more than sit through too many of his concert sets, but still, we were together! And we got to watch Michael Phelps get his last gold from the quiet of our hotel room. Lovely.

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

LOL. Cute post.
You're too funny.