Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chi-Town to T-Town Installment #2


The road trip to T-Town was to have started at 5:00 am but we actually drove out of Chi-Town at 8:00 am.

We rented a Toyota Corolla directly from a dealership in the suburbs. When we first filled up, we were shocked and amazed at how CHEAP gas was outside of Chi-Town where it is $4.47 - $4.85.
It was only $40 to fill up!! That is HALF what we pay!!!!!!
Look at my little angels. 
2 hours 15 min and the first spanking and threat was administered.
What? Just 'cause I'm on the road, doesn't mean I can't self-portrait!
Don't drink Coke on the road if you haven't had Coke in 2 weeks as it could cause additional prolonged stops. I'm just saying...
Total Red Bull count for J alone = 5
A brand new Wal-Mart SUPERCENTER!!! I almost kissed the ground as we walked in. It has been 4 months since we've been to a Supercenter. I love you WalMart Supercenter!
At one point, we had to get off the highway and pretend to be turning around to go back to Chi-Town in order to get compliant behavior from our children. They really were great travelers considering we only let them bring 2 toys and we didn't bring the portable DVD player. We wanted the kids to observe the countryside.
The ARCH in St. Louis. Only 6 more hours!!
I took the wheel after we cleared St. Louis, while everyone napped. 
We gassed up in Missouri. Gas was only 3.49!! 
J and I got overly excited when we saw a Hobby Lobby store. 
Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...
At 107 degrees it was hotter than Hades in Oklahoma! 
Did God take a vacation and let Satan fill in for him?

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