Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chi-Town to T-Town Installment #3


We visited Grandma Grandma and Grandpa Grandpa this morning.
Grandma Grandma looks great!! 
We had a wonderful visit at J's grandparent's home.
Grandma Grandma gave me the most wonderful gift - a cookbook that she has used, complete with dog eared pages.
J showed pictures of our last 4 months in Chicago.  
The kiddos had a great time playing with their great-grandparents.
We all headed out to The Pink House in Claremore for lunch.
Grandma Grandma used to take J to the Pink House when he was a kid. 
More recently, J would meet Grandma Grandma there often. 
The Widney family loves the Pink House. 
Our friend, Mags, is the new owner of The Pink House.
When I met Mags 8 years ago, she was studying and working towards her dream of owning a tea house. A couple of years ago, Mags realized her dream when she purchased The Pink House. Margo is proof your dreams can come true.
Lunch was wonderful. As you can see, I had the quiche.
We knew it was time to leave when J and Motor Mouth knocked over a room divider, sending a table of water, ice, sweet tea and coffee flying. The divider hit a woman in the head and knocked over plants.
We live next to railway tracks. 
But Motor Mouth is still excited to see trains anywhere!
When we lived in Tulsa, J would sometimes surprise his baby sister, Baby Sis, with a lemon-berry cream slush from Sonic. The slush machine wasn't working today, so he got her a chocolate fudge Sunday. Baby Sis was shocked to see us at her office!
Married and pregnant with Baby Y, her first baby, Baby Sis is not a baby anymore!

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