Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Writing Workshop - End of Session 1

Last night was the end of the first part of a two part workshop. I've really come to enjoy my time in the class. I have learned so many writing techniques already. For sure, the 2-week hiatus will have me missing my new friends.

Someone asked why I stayed in a class with lesbians, bisexuals, and not a single Christian in the group. And to them I had this to say:

Jesus hung out with tax collectors and a prostitute. I was in far better company than that!

In the Great Commission, we are instructed to "go into all the world and preach the gospel". I don't do 3rd world missions. God is aware of that. I can let my little light shine in a group in Chicago.

The vision statement of Park Community Church - our church - states:
"We exist to be a biblical community where the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms lives, renews the city, and impacts the world." I'm just following the vision of the place where I belong.

And besides, I really really like these people. They are nice. Fun. Intelligent. Witty. And they don't judge me because I am a married, straight, Christian, stay@home mom from Canada. It's people like that you want to keep around as friends.

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