Monday, July 7, 2008

What Did You Miss in Pictures?

On Friday, you missed all the people who came to our cookout!  We had a houseful of people - or rather a patio full - and no pictures!!  

Okay, so I had forgotten to take pictures of our neighbor, Parisian Momma, who came for a burger. And you've seen pictures of Apple Boy and Songbird, so it was probably okay I forgot to snap them again - but they are such a cute couple!! 

I just realized I didn't get ANY pictures of Marine 1, J's brother. Oh well, just picture J with lots and lots of hair and about 7 inches taller - same weight, only smooth things out. No earrings, either.

I didn't bother taking pictures at Navy Pier because it was dark and well, you can do a Google image search if you want to see fireworks pictures!! Oh, wait! I did post pictures of the bus ride!! I must be getting old - memory is fading. Maybe that is why I was absent minded and lost my camera. Bygones. Breathe.

Saturday, you missed us on Michigan Avenue. But wait! We've shown you all those pictures already!! We go to the same places all the time: Water Tower Place, Hancock Building, Lego Store, Disney Store, etc. So maybe you didn't miss anything.

You did miss my friend Bodacious and I trying to do self-portraits!! Bodacious came to visit us, from Tulsa. Bodacious is my buddy!! If you go to my My Space account, you can see just how much I lurv her...Take it with a big grain of salt, considering she forced me to sign back up for My Space.

On Sunday, you missed a 2 1/2 hour experience traveling to, through, and from Montrose Beach. You would not have missed pictures of us there, because I couldn't find parking!! I spent my afternoon trying to get there but couldn't park, so I had to turn around. J's brother and sister in law found a parking space, so they stayed.

All in all, it sounds pretty boring. I'm sure the pictures would have made it seem much more exciting. 

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