Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Illinois Drivers License

J and I were a bit nervous, if you recall my blog "I'm Freaking Out!" (see entry under Drivers License category).  Why? 

We had heard they might make us do an in car test. For the last almost 3 months, I've been extra cautious about how I parallel park and using my turn indicator, reversing, etc... J was freaked out about passing the written test and a possible driving test.

No in car. Just the written. I didn't read the whole manual this time either (sorry Three). Just mainly the end of chapter study questions.

On Monday morning, we got our Illinois Drivers Licenses!! We are now officially Chicagoans! Whooohooooooo

J would like for me to tell you that he only got 1 wrong and that I got 4 wrong. Whatever! I passed the first time, and not because I flirted my tail off with the black guy who held my fate in his pen - call it an insurance policy...

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