Monday, July 21, 2008

Lying and Lists

The above image has nothing to do with my blog entry. I saw this on the way to Costco this morning and thought the guy in the SUV had parked too close to the Volkswagen. 

In my Mom's Group, we are going through a book called, "The bathtub is empty, why am I drowning?" (or something like that) It's for mom's. It's a great Bible study book. Love it. 

About 5-6 weeks or so ago, while going through one of the chapters, I mentioned how I am amazed at how often I lie to my children. I have no problem telling adults the truth. D called me out on it. I didn't have any specific examples at that second. 

The following week, I told D I lie to Motor Mouth when he asks if we are going to get him something for his birthday or Christmas. Usually, the answer is 'yes', because I know he will forget about it before the gift-giving occasion occurs. The lie is designed to avoid inappropriate behavior in the store. Tell him yes and move on. Tell him no and hear him whine or cry.

D said I should tell Motor Mouth to make a list and put it on the list. Fine. I've been telling him to put it on a list. Today, at least a month later, and Motor Mouth has finally asked ME to write a list of things he wants. 

Motor Mouth was kind of enough to add Mini Me's wants as well. Mini Me did chime in on most of these things. It seems Motor Mouth has been keeping a list in his head. (I did not edit. This is what they said)

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