Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Food

What is 'home food' for you? Is it your mother's meatloaf? Your grandmother's blueberry topper? What food says 'home' to you?

For me, it is food from Trinidad. Trinidad is an island, next to Venezuela, with an eclectic mix of people and foods. Some of our 'home food' can be found in Chinatown, some in East Indian restaurants, others in the Spanish/Mexican part of town. Here and there, you might get lucky and find a roti shop that sells some of the beverages of the 'Islands'.  It is extremely hard to find a place that has it all.

I've never found a restaurant that serves food that tastes like my what granny made, or what I'd get at my aunt's house, or what my mom used to cook - before they opened a Thai restaurant and she stopped cooking. Please don't ask why MY family would open a Thai restaurant. But suffice it to say, J and I did find Baisi Thai in 900 N Michigan Ave that serves Thai food like my family's Thai fusion dishes. 

Well, we have found it!! Cafe Trinidad on 75th St in Chicago. They serve authentic Trinidadian dishes that you can only get from someone's kitchen - someone in my family's kitchen. We ate there TWICE last week. I swear, I could order everything on the menu.
Curried Roti

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Shan said...

Mmmm roti! Looks delicious. I'm glad you found a place that reminds you of your family's cooking. I wish I could find someone who could make hot cross buns just like my Grandma.