Monday, July 21, 2008

Writing Workshop - Session 2, Part 1

book written by my instructor

Tonight was the first night of the second half of my writing workshop. Each part was broken into two 4-wk sessions. The cast of characters in this second 4-wk session does not appear to be as diverse as the first group. It's a pretty tame bunch. *-sigh-* I was up for some excitement through diversity. But the ladies seem to be great - and lots of beginner writers, yeah!!!!!!!

Now, I must tell you, I have begun reading one of my instructor's books. VERY interesting read. She's quite good. Rest assured, I am sitting at the feet of a gifted writer. She makes me want to quit writing. Not really. Well, yes, maybe. I'm sure by the time I get through her next book, which is on my coffee table, I won't even want to attend workshop. Not really. Well, no, definitely, I'll attend.

Last session, you might recall, I submitted a short story for critique. Tonight, one of our exercises was to take 2 characters from an earlier piece of work, and set them in a different time period, arguing - having conflict of some sort. I took my 2 main characters and set them about 5 years into the future. It was enjoyable for me. I think I might work to develop this body of work into a book. Not sure that I would ever seek to have it published, but the writing of it will be cathartic and educational for me. 

Looking forward to next week's workshop. 

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