Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family Friday - 07/18/08

We packed the kiddos up and headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art. This is the only picture I could take in the lobby of the museum - no photographs allowed, you know.

Motor Mouth loved the museum. When Motor Mouth asked about a particularly large exhibit, I explained he was to think about the piece and to decide for himself what it means. He did such a great job!! I'm so proud of my little thinker.

We lunched at Wow Bao in Water Tower Place
No cupcakes for Mommy today - they were all out. Sacrilege!
Couldn't be on Michigan Ave without visiting the Apple Store

The rule book says the car tire should be 18 inches from the curb. I think they meant in the OTHER direction.

We got caught in the rain!
There was traffic on the way home, but what a nice view of the city!
We returned home and the kiddos had a nap. I was supposed to nap, but well, I'm just not that obedient...yet. J returned a couple of hours later with a pizza and movie for the kids.

We watched 'Night at the Museum' with the kiddos.
Then we watched 'My Best Friend's Wedding' together - it was filmed and based in Chicago, you know.

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