Friday, June 6, 2008

Adventures of the 3M's - 6/06/08

Today, Motormouth, Mini-Me, and I walked to a new park. I had seen it out of the corner of my eye, on our last walk. Have to admit, I was kinda disappointed. It's a cute playground, but really small, and designed for kids ages 5 and under. The sign says ages 12 and under, but it is more of a toddler play area. The kids enjoyed it until a wasp showed up.
Mini-Me is NOT constipated, nor is she in pain. She is saying "cheese".

MotorMouth is so cute in that hat!
Monkey See...
Monkey Do.
As usual, we walked to the library. This time, we got 2 cooking books for mommy!! Thanks, for the tip! I never would have thought to get some from the library! They didn't have many books that were healthy cooking AND had PICTURES. Why would someone even make a cookbook without pictures? What a colossal waste of time.

This is cottonwood seeds. It looks like it is snowing.

J met us for lunch, so we cut our trek short. The plan was to eat lunch, then take a bus to his office, to pick up the vehicle and run errands. Instead, J dropped us all off - insisting I nap as well. When he returns, he will take us out on errands.

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