Friday, June 6, 2008

Child Abuse - Pt 2

Yesterday, I looked down, and found this on me:

I have no idea how it got there. Then, I looked at Mini Me's face. She looks like she has been in the ring for a round or two. I know how she got most of her bruising and cuts, but there are some mystery injuries.

Which leads me to wonder: If I was ever questioned about abusing my child, how could I possibly defend myself? If I can't keep track of my own massive bruising, how can I be held accountable for a toddler's myriad of war wounds?

Right forhead red marks and bruising. Possible source: fall onto concrete at hands of MotorMouth.

Red scratch and bruising under eye. Red scratch: origin unknown. Bruising: fall from stroller at hands of MotorMouth is possible source.

Divit in left forehead. Permanant scar from fall in elevator lobby. See Child Abuse blog entry for details and pictures of original bruising. The deep divit explains why the bleeding wouldn't stop.

"Officer, I swear to you. I did not cause these wounds, nor do I know for sure how they came to be."

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