Sunday, May 4, 2008

Was a bowl involved? A Flowbee maybe?

See Jazz' hair? That is how it looked when I picked him up on Tuesday. His sideburns are messed up too. It's not faded from short to long - the upper part of what is left of the sideburn is just cut, and a chunk is missing. Jazz' bangs are crooked. And the back of his hair is cut uneven and just sort of, ends.

I asked Jazz if Grandma cut his hair. He said no. Jason's mom usually does a decent job of cutting his hair, so I couldn't figure out why his hair was so jacked up. Later on, I asked him again, if Grandma cut his hair. He got real defensive and said: "I already told you, no."

Later that same evening, I asked Jason's mom directly, if she cut Jazz' hair. She did not. Sarah did. Sarah is Jason's little sister. Neither of us could remember Sarah ever having cut hair before. Apparently, Sarah was helping with the kids one day. When Jazz came back in the room, DonnaMomma saw that his hair had been cut. Sarah said it was looking a little unruly. DonnaMomma told her that is how we like it to look.

DonnaMomma had made the decision to not tell Jason when it happened. We agreed on that decision. DonnaMomma had planned to trim up and fix Jazz' hair before Jason got home. I thought that was an excellent idea. I did put some gel in it the next morning and you can't hardly tell when it's in a faux-hawk.

I made the mistake of posting Jazz' picture on my blog - the one where he is proudly pointing to the mouse. I should have known Jason is Mr. Hawkeye and can see the tiniest imperfection. As soon as Jason saw that picture, he called to ask what had happened to Jazz' hair. I told him the above and said his mom would fix it. Jason said no, he'll fix it when he gets home. He then asked what was up with his siblings and them cutting our son's hair without asking.

Tim, Jason's brother, gave Jazz a buzz cut last year, or the year before. I don't remember the story surrounding it. I think, like the rest of the family, I just tried to run for cover. Imagine, Jason's son, with a buzz cut. It's completely against natural law.

Sarah, if you are reading this, I love you and forgive you. But please know, that baby you are carrying, is marked. I WILL cut your child's hair. Me. Not Jason. Ask Tim what happened when I tried to cut his hair for the Marines. Yeah, not a pretty sight, either.

Saturday April 12, 2008 - 12:07pm

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