Sunday, May 4, 2008

T-Town to Chi-Town - Day 14

Motor Mouth is flying with Grandpa FlyGuy today. Friday evening, they went to western Oklahoma with Grandma DonnaMomma to pick up an airplane and flew it back to Tulsa yesterday. It was Motor Mouth's first time actually flying an airplane. Grandpa says he really wanted to make the airplane roll and do stunts. Today, they are taking the plane out again to fly over Grandma's house.

Mini Me spent Friday evening with Grandpa JD and Grandma J. Grandma J took her garage sale-ing yesterday. They had a blast. Since then, Mini Me has been with me. Just the girls. A little bit of playing, a little bit of shopping!!

I'm almost done packing. Just a few more boxes....!

Sunday April 13, 2008 - 04:04pm

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