Monday, May 5, 2008

Tuesday with Daddy

On Tuesday evening, J left with the kids to give me some Me time. He took the kids on their first Chicago bus ride and EL ride. They went down to Millenium Park, where they saw the fountains with people's faces on them in Wrigley Square. And, they went up to the 'Bean'. The above picture is Motor Mouth and Mini Me standing in front of the Bean.

After Millenium Park, they walked to the Disney Store. Motor Mouth told J to take the bus. But J wasn't sure where the Disney Store was exactly and didn't want to overshoot it on the bus. It was cold, but they walked. And they walked. And they walked. And they walked. They crossed over the Chicago River which, according to Motor Mouth, was 'freaking cold'. When they finally made it to the Disney Store, it was 8:00 pm and the store employees were escorting people out, and locking the door.

Motor Mouth said, "Daddy! I TOLD you we should have taken the bus!!" To which everyone around chuckled pretty hard.

After the Disney Store situation, they walked to Water Tower Place - the Mall. Leave it to my husband and children to find a mall. They went to Sharper Image, where Motor Mouth found a $350 robot dinosaur that was VERY lifelike. He said Grandpa FlyGuy will buy it for him (right!).

When they left there, they trekked across the street to the Ghiradelli store, where they had ice cream and huge chocolate chip cookies. Daddy brought a Ghiradelli chocolate bar home to Mommy.

Then they got on the bus, the EL and then waited for another bus to bring them to our doorstep. Only, after 20 minutes, the bus still had not come. So, shortly after 10 pm, they walked 1 mile home.

I was so happy to see my rosy-cheeked, red-nosed, cold handed and cold feeted family, at long last.

Wednesday April 30, 2008 - 10:39pm

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