Monday, May 5, 2008

Ragamuffin Soul, I am not!!

J views this guy's blog, almost daily, and has for many months. The guy's name is Carlos Whittaker and he is the Blog King. Carlos works at Andy Stanley's church in Atlanta. Carlos' website is: He blogs about everything and anything.

Every now and then, Jason asks me how many hits my blog site has gotten that day. I tell him. Well, on Sunday, J made the comment that Carlos has 4,000 hits per day. Okay, so am I supposed to feel inadequate because Carlos ragamuffinsoul, who is in a leadership position at Buckhead, a church with 18,000 members, has about 3,950 hits more per day than I do on my site?

I am not daunted. My blog site is dedicated to sharing our lives with those we love the most - our friends and family in Chicago, Tulsa, Missouri, Hamilton, Toronto, and all points in between. I don't HAVE 4,000 'friends'. I doubt Carlos does either. Afterall, J views his site and I would not classify J as a 'friend' of Carlos. Maybe if J had taken the job at Buckhead, instead of Park, they would be 'acquaintances' by now.

So, to my dear, faithful viewership, I say 'thank you'. Thank you for being my true friends and my true family that are interested in our lives enough to check in on us regularly. Why? Because you love us from knowing us. And not because we are just really, really cool people!

Wednesday April 30, 2008 - 08:12am

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