Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pros and Cons of Loft/Condo Living

We LOVE our loft. Last night, J and I were talking about the other places we had seen. I only took J to the top 2 places, and he hadn't felt like they were home. I was really bummed when he turned 1 of those places down. When we walked into this loft, we KNEW this was the one. As happy as we are, there are some pros and cons of living in a top floor brick loft condo.

PRO - Shows like Clean Sweep can't complain that we have too much stuff and too many clothes. We don't hold on to anything sentimental that is not being displayed or stored respectfully. Everything has a place. Thanks to The Container Store and unscrupulous tossing.

CON - There is 1 vent that sometimes lets us hear a neighbor's conversations and, sometimes, a few scents. Like when he smokes a cigar, or cooks something interesting. He's not home often, so it is not a big deal. Today, I thought he passed serious gas. I kept smelling this terrible odor. I knew it wasn't me. Motor Mouth was asleep, behind closed doors. Oh, Mini Me...! Turns out, it was a poopy diaper.

PRO - Amazing brick walls in every room, except the restrooms. Love the brick walls.
CON - Brick dust. when you touch certain walls, brick dust falls down. Sometimes, a tiny chunk falls from on high, making a little "plink" sound.

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Ha ha! That is so funny about that smell that turned out to be a dirty diaper! :)

Good work on the place! In such a short amount of time, too. You've been a busy Momma.