Friday, May 9, 2008

Camera Walkthrough - Inanimate Objects

Today, I am going to take a walk through my camera card and blog based on what I find on the card. Okay. I started to go through my camera to mark off the pics I wanted to use. Too many for 1 blog. So, this is getting broken into at least 2 parts. Here goes, my friend... Friday Night Pizza from Dominick's is going to be our new Family Friday tradition. This MASSIVE pizza is only $6!!!!!! Fridays only. J picked up Dominick's preferred customer cards for each of us while there.
J spied this amazing neon sculpture of planets and snapped several pics to send his friend, Neon, the neon artiste extraordinaire.This is the entrance to the US Soccer Federation. 
My camera can't do justice to the amazing ironwork or 
the phenomenal masonry work. J, the explorer, found this gem. I wanted to turn left 1 street back. 
We never would have found this amazing mansion on a WoW street. AMIGO LOAN CO. - Welcome to Pilsen! 
Can you tell, Pilsen is a primarily Hispanic community. Gas is ONLY $3.88!! Read the FINE print. That is WITH CARWASH. 
We only THOUGHT our gas station had the cheapest gas in town. Buckingham Fountain. This was taken on Saturday, May 3rd, when the fountain was turned on for the first time this season. It was windy, so the fountain wasn't spraying as high as it normally does.

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