Friday, May 9, 2008

Camera Walkthrough - Person Version

Motor Mouth & Mini Me, just chillin' by the SUN. 
Planetarium visit. Part of our Friday Family Days in Chi-Town.
Mini Me, stripping at the Planetarium. Anyone have a $1?
Rubbing of the eyes...a sure indicator that a SCREEEEEEEEEAM is coming on.
This is a column on a BRIDGE!! Thousands of people drive by this coolness and beauty every day, and have no idea it is there. There are about 10-12 columns with different scenes on them. The J's found them when they walked across said bridge.

Mini Me, in the car, holding her 1st library book, ever!

Motor Mouth, reading his new dinosaur book from the library.

The REAL Mini Me. This is what I see all day long. I've taken to just sending her to her bed when she is a cranky-pants. Thursday, she was in bed more than she was out of it.
That's me, sitting next to J's plant, in the living room, with a view of the Sears Tower in the background.
Daddy took the kiddos to Michigan Ave for some shopping...And a treat!
Mini Me eating the MOST delicious cupcake. 

I know, because they were kind enough to bring one home to mommy!!

Motor Mouth at the 'EL' station with Daddy. It's the Blue Line!!Motor Mouth and the Lego People! 

The 2 J's went to the Lego Store sans Mini Me because she would have torn the place up!!

Hello!! I found this as I was flipping through my camera pics. Give that man a $1!!

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Michelle said...

what fun in Chi-town!! Especially the male stripper you have on the bottom of your page! OO la la!! :-) Miss you!