Monday, May 5, 2008

A Perfect Ending to the Day

We had to go to the AT&T store for the 2nd time in 3 days. Paris was a total nightmare in the store, so Jason took the kids outside. Of course, that was when the AT&T person on the phone needed to talk to Jason personally. Jason. Not me. Jason. Not in the store. Not with phone 'cause we needed it to be changed to a Chicago number. It was a touchy few minutes in the store. But, fortunately, Jason and kids sauntered back in.

The woman on the phone at AT&T was so mean, I kept Paris in the store and let her scream her head off so she would hear that he really took the kids out for the sake of the other patrons. J was using the store reps' cell phone to talk to the mean lady, only he couldn't hear the mean lady because the phone kept cutting out. Jason actually told Candice, the in-store AT&T person, that it was a perfect commercial scene - the phone breaking up. Eventually, we got new local cell numbers.

Paris was in form, all evening, screaming everywhere we went. Finally, we went to the playground at Jazz' school to enable the kids to run off some energy. Only there is this contraption that you hold on to with both hands, and you slide from one side to the other. Everything went well with Jazz on it. Even Jason got on it. Paris wanted a turn. I was getting my camera phone out to snap Paris on there when a piercing scream rang out.

Paris screamed like she had not screamed all evening. We ended up leaving the park and going home. J tried to investigate to see where the source of the pain was. It appeared to be her shoulder. We don't yet have a doctor in Chicago, and we haven't met any doctors in our new sphere of influence. We didn't even know what hospitals were in network or nearby.

I called Joseph, Jason's boss. He suggested we go to Rush. While I went to the laptop to find directions, Jason said he suspected it was nursemaid's elbow, like what Jazz had when he was younger than Paris. J tried to put her elbow back into place. It took 2 tries, but it worked!!

No more pain. No emergency room. No more pain.

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