Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a downer!

I re-read my blogs from yesterday. It comes across like I had a pretty frustrating, horrible day. Not really.
The kids and I had a good time. Jazz was well behaved all day - an improvement on Sunday, let me tell you. Sunday had Jazz in time out 3x and 2 spankings. Considering, he only gets spankings about 2-3x/week, Sunday was a big day. Paris was wonderful all day long. She turned into demon girl somewhere between the elevator and the parking garage at the AT&T store.

While lunch didn't turn out quite as I had expected, my homemade muffins were a hit. And pretty, too. I actually went through one of my cookbooks to see what ingredients I need to stock up on. My friend, Michelle, made a comment on facebook that I am turning into Betty Crocker.

Sorry about the pictures. I can't find the battery charger for my camera. It's got to be here, somewhere. As soon as I find it, I'll put up fresh, current pictures.

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Mommy (a.k.a Norma-ann/a.k.a Normie) said...

Hey! Nice to meet you. I enjoy your blog. Your kids are beautiful. Please pop by and visit my blog sometime!

Hey...doncha' have an old, old, pal having a birthday today....??

Hmmmm. I think you do!

See ya, gf!!