Saturday, May 17, 2008

Marriage Requirement

J and I had a great day today. Nothing special. Just errands and family stuff and condo stuff. We drove all the way over to Wal-Mart to purchase apple juice. The kids love that brand and it is half the price of the other places we've been. To be honest, I've had so many changes that I just wanted/needed some familiarity. Apple juice is a small thing, but it was a comfort thing too. To make it worth the drive, we purchased 4 bottles.

And ha! On the way out of the Wal-Mart parking lot, this guy was selling plastic to-go cups on the side of the road. J had me buy 2 pkgs from him. What a deal! It was equivalent to getting 4 for the price of 1. I didn't have time to ask if they were stolen...

After Wal-Mart, we picked up lunch at an Italian place, on Taylor St, known for its Italian beef sandwiches. There are signed pictures of famous people who have eaten there, and signed $1 bills from famous people.

We ate at home, on the balcony. Later on, we spent some time on the balcony, hanging with 4 of the neighbors. Glass Girl, her boyfriend, and her dog. Cicada Boy and Mick. Mick really got a kick out Motor Mouth and Mini Me. We learned we are the only family with kids in our building. We thought there was another family, but there isn't.

J and I put this desk together tonight. J said they should make furniture assembly a prerequisite in premarital counseling. We've done our fair share of furniture assembly. I'm the one who reads the instructions, and J is the one that puts it together without reading.
J left to go do a covert exchange, so I put this together myself. I didn't know file cabinets could come unassembled. When I put these things together, I think of Oprah, and know that she does not assemble her furniture. Poor O, she has no idea what she is missing out on. Gosh, if you don't assemble your own furniture, how will you know it is good, quality workmanship. Just ask the folks at Ikea. They'll tell you the best quality furniture is the one you put together yourself.

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