Monday, May 5, 2008

The Man

Hey Y'all, J here. I had to hijack Widney Woman’s blog tonight to tell you what an amazing job she did on dinner tonight.

She ran errands all afternoon and then picked me up from work. We stopped by one of our new favorite stores Trader Joe’s. When we got home she whipped up this amazing pizza. It was really good. She kept saying that she should have put oregano on it and that she forgot the onions but you could not tell, it was amazing!

Widney Woman has done an amazing job with our home, and getting us settled in Chicago. She has not met her timeline but she is harder on herself than any of us are. I downloaded the new Alicia Keys album the other day and heard this song and it made me think of Widney Woman and what the kids think and will think as they get a little older. Although she would probably not post these words about herself it is how we feel about her. We could have not have made this transition without her planning and losing sleep over the details. So I just wanted to tell you what we think about her.


Everywhere I'm turning

Nothing seems complete

I stand up and I'm searching

For the better part of me

I hang my head from sorrow

State of humanity

I wear it on my shoulders

Gotta find the strength in me

Cause I am a Superwoman

Yes I am

Yes she is

Even when I'm a mess

I still put on a vest

With an S on my chest

Oh yes I'm a Superwoman

For all the mothers fighting

For better days to come

And all my women, all my women sitting here trying

To come home before the sun

And all my sisters

Coming together

When I'm breaking down

And I can't be found

And I start to get weak

Cause no one knows

Me underneath these clothes

But I can fly

We can fly, Oh

I love you.


Thursday May 1, 2008 - 06:44pm

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