Monday, May 5, 2008

God Box

This is copied, word-for-word, from an e-mail my Tulsa Sunday School teacher, Dynamic Deb, sent this morning to the class. I LOVE it for its practicality and real life application to a biblical principle.

The God Box is an actual box of your choosing. It could be a shoe box, picture storage box, cigar box, pencil box, etc.….you get the idea.

The paper is whatever you want. I use small 3” X 4” cheap tear off pads. Written on the paper is your concern, worry, fret, prayer request, etc. For instance your child may be hanging around unhealthy friends so you might write “Jose’s friends” or “Jose needs good friends” or something like that….brief and to the point.

You then throw that piece of paper into the God Box. That physical action represents your internal decision to give it to God. When you start to think about it you say to yourself, “that’s in my God box.” When we have done our part it is time to let go.

T-Boy and I have seen wonderful results because of the God Box. It honestly is no different than “casting the whole of your cares….” but how many times have you asked the question how do I cast my cares? I believe this is one answer.

Our desire to fix problems is natural yet we do not see the big picture….the God picture. God may be teaching you about hope or trusting Him or he may be doing a work in someone else and we may be getting in the way. Waiting is hard!!! That is where we need to remember scripture like “those that wait upon their Lord will renew their strength………”

Remind yourself that your strength is being renewed whether you feel it or not! About once a week I go through my God Box to remind myself what things were turned over to God. It is also the time to see what items have been taken care of. Those answers are moved to a different box, the Joy Box.

This came at the PERFECT time, because I was headed to the Container Store today. And, I need to turn over some things to God. I love my Dynamic Deb, and Darlene. Darlene was my first Sunday School teacher in the R.O.C. class. R.O.C. = Relying On God.

Thursday May 1, 2008 - 10:56am

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