Monday, May 5, 2008

Thursday Recap

I know I didn't blog yesterday. Why? Well, for one, J and I were working really hard on getting the final house things done to make it a home. And, two, how do I follow Jason's blog entry? He made me tear up!! Maybe now you know why I married him.

So, let's see where did I leave off...I DID go to the container store on Thursday. Twice! I LOVE that place. If it were a person, it would be my new best friend. I found EXACTLY what I needed for our bathroom, the kids bath toys, and under the kitchen sink. Woohoo!!

Now, let me say, before I got to the Container Store, I made a trek back to my long, lost friend, Wal-Mart. (Okay. I am referring to stores as if they are friends. I need to get out and find adult companionship.) It seemed to take a really long time to get to Wal-Mart the other day, and I have discovered how convenient the highway is in downtown Chi-Town. So, I did a Google Map search and I Mapquested the directions and whoa! Next time, I am going with Google Map's directions. Mapquest had me go through Da Hood!!

I was so concerned for our safety, I called Jason. I figured he needed to know what part of town we were in, should he need to call the 'po-po'. There is a both hands on the wheel law that says you can't be holding a cell phone while driving - I was willing to take my chances. I told Jason, I didn't think a cop would be in that part of town anyway. And if I did get a ticket, I would fight it. I would tell the judge, if his wife were driving through there with his kids in the vehicle, he would want her on the phone to him as well! We did drive past 2 police officers, but they were busy with the 2 people handcuffed - 1 on the sidewalk, and 1 in the car.

I have since been informed that that was not the worst part of town. God help the people living in the worst part. Seriously, I am concerned that people, anyone, is living in such terrible conditions. My heart goes out to them and their children.

Thursday evening finished on a happier note. As I was leaving Kohl's, a lady asked for directions to either Walmart or an Ulta. I was able to pull out my phone book and Chicago city map, from the Jeep, and give her directions to Ulta. This lady was a native Chicagoan. And I gave her directions!! Wow!

Saturday May 3, 2008 - 11:36am

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