Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What a Week!

Last week was quite a week!!!

We had what we hope was the last snowstorm of a very hard winter season. So done with snow, ice, frigid temps.

Mini Me was sick. J stayed home with her for two days. She took her own temp and texted the pic to J downstairs.

It is enrollment season at work. I sent a crazy number of acceptance letters this week. We are very fortunate to be increasing enrollment each year.

Friday night, after a long day at State, J had a mini movie shoot. I think it was actually a major shoot considering how many scenes they did and how many people were in my house!!! At 5:30 pm J says: "Oh, we are going to film in our laundry room." The crew and actors were scheduled to arrive between 5:30 & 6:00...! Good thing my whole house was tidy.

Our dear friend came to town. Kids had a fun time entertaining him and being entertained by him. He even spent Sunday with us at the pool watching MM race.

Mini Me turns 8 on this week. Their Hunger Games Themed birthday party is on Saturday. Then Motor Mouth turns 11 after that.

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