Saturday, March 8, 2014


I drove over one of the craters we call potholes in Chicago. Got a flat tire.

The weather this year has taken a MAJOR toll on our poor streets. I don't blame the city at all. I'm ready for warm weather. So ready.

We were on our way to swim practice so I had a friend pick Motor Mouth up and take him to practice. Then I had to sit with Mini Me at a gas station for about 90 minutes until AAA could get a guy to me. First, they had me in hold for over 18 minutes before accidentally disconnecting me!!! Another 10+ minute hold and the operator was so sweet.

While waiting for the tow truck, Mini Me had to use the restroom. We went across the street to an art gallery. I didn't think the gas station restroom would be as clean.

I could have changed the flat myself but it was SO COLD. And we have AAA. And the AAA guy was cute. The bill for two new tires was not so cute.

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