Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scraped Knee

Mini Me might remember me as a mean mom. 

I took the kids bikes and put them in the trunk today. The tires needed to be aired up. When we got home, I sent the kids off on their merry way on the front sidewalk. I thought I would read my book while they rode up and down our street. Not the case. 

Mini Me has not maintained her two-wheeler riding skills. In all fairness, with the move, flat tires, and Motor Mouth's swim schedule, the kids barely rode all summer.

I had helped Mini Me for about 10 minutes when she said she wanted to give up on the bike riding thing today. She said: "Mom, I think I'm over bike riding." As if she would never take it up again in her life. I made her keep going. 

After realizing Mini Me was never going to do it alone, I actually told her to ride and sat on my front porch talking on the phone with my BFF while she tried and fell numerous times. I alternated between ignoring her falls and telling her to get up and keep going. I bribed Motor Mouth with $5 to walk next to her. She finally got it. Motor Mouth came and sat next to me as Mini Me continued to get it on her own. When she had good long runs, we hooped and hollered our praises to her. 

I want to help my kids to succeed. There is a fine line between helping and hindering. The Bible says we are to train up a child in the way they should go. That means my job is to equip my kids with the skills they need to be independent. Sometimes that might make me seem cold and heartless.

When it was over Mini Me showed me her scraped knee. I showed her my bike & skateboard knee scars and gave her a high five. I cleaned her wound and put on a bandaid. I kissed and hugged my big girl and told her how incredibly proud I was of her. 

We all give blood for the life long lessons we learn on our own. 

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