Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Shift

You'd think that with their own bedrooms, a new playroom and an upstairs living room to themselves we would never see our kids in our new home.
Kids' Play Room

Nope! In fact, they hang out with us more than when we lived in Widney Loft! The kids seek us out to spend time together. It could be cuddling with me on the sofa while I watch a classic movie or playing their iPods while J is on his laptop in the master suite. Not complaining! Just loving the family shift since moving to Widney Crib.

Master Sitting Room

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This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

When we finally gave our daughter her own room, I thought she would be in there all the time...but she still hangs out in her brother's room (which incidentally is also hubby's and my room) or in the living room. I think she gets lonely in her room! She was so used to having Andrew around all the time. :)