Saturday, June 22, 2013

Black Closet - Black Master Closet

Our master closet is black! It looks so chic and was so easy and inexpensive. All that's missing (aside from the clothes and shoes) is an ottoman. We are on the hunt!

- can of matte paint ($20-30)
- dark gray carpet ($25)
- 3 Ikea chandeliers ($20/each)
- curtain is just fabric pooled ($2.99/yard x 6)
- do it yourself dark gray closet organizer from Home Depot

How We Did It:
We painted the walls and ceiling black.
The Ikea chandeliers are 5 years old and were repurposed from our kitchen island lighting from our old loft. They are hung using a track which enables you to use your existing light socket.

We actually do have a window in our closet that needed to be covered up. We used a pipe as the curtain rod. You can sew a pocket for the rod or just use straight pins.

Shelving system is from Home Depot. I love the gray instead of stark white wire shelving. Not shown: Lower rack for pants, more built-ins for purses, sweaters, etc. Just pick and choose what is right for your space.

This project can easily be completed in a weekend.

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