Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sunday Rundown

Yeah. I know it's Tuesday.

My kids are amazing. They really are good kids. J has been gone for most of last week. He had a set install. The kids were great each evening with just me. I'm sure they were sick of being with just me all the time. But they were obedient, played well together, and rolled with the changes. On Saturday, they were very helpful and made a difference in the stage with us.

It's a whirlwind these days. Work is busy, busy, busy. I sent a number of notifications to families last week. It's so hard to tell a family their child is in a waiting pool. There were days last week that I wanted to hug the parents and cry with them. And then I'd get an email from someone who was ecstatic because their child was accepted into our program. It's the excitement that makes my day.

We have so many school events coming up. FIVE events I'm supposed to be at in the next 10 days! It's insane! It's one thing to help organize them as staff but I also have to attend as a parent. Oh lordy.

For the first time we are offering a summer program. I get to market it. Design the flyer, online add, emails, etc. At least I don't have to teach it!!! LOL!

Oh, and we are doing a little thing - moving!

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