Friday, April 5, 2013

I Heart Chicago

I love this view. This is beautiful to me. This screams city living as much as our beautiful skyline view does.

As much as driving on Lake Shore Drive in the summer in evening traffic makes my eyes well up with tears of joy. My heart sings when I see the boats in the floating marina on the right as we pass Museum Campus which is home to three world class museums. In the distance is the gentle blue of Lake Michigan. Next to us are joggers and cyclists exercising on the waterfront trails. Beautiful trees.

In front of me is a sea of cars. Each outfitted with drivers and some with passengers. All have stories to tell. Some lead simple lives while others are larger than life characters. I want to know their stories.

On the left is the center median, filled with an amazing mix of flowers. Beyond that is Chicago's front lawn complete with flowers, grass, tennis courts.

To see the tall buildings against the trees is an irony not lost on me.

We drive with the windows open. Music playing. It is Chicago in all it's glory.

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