Sunday, March 17, 2013

Book Reading

I had the honor of attending my dear friend, Mary Anne Mohanraj's book reading on Friday evening.

First, I have to say what a treat it was to even be able to attend. Many of MAM's readings are in Oak Park or on the other side of town. This one at Powell's Books in UIC was walking distance from our home. I REALLY wanted to go but didn't even mention it to J because he has been working so much and had to go back in to work Friday evening. I didn't want to stress him out by asking him to parent while I went and had fun.

On Friday morning J texted to ask if I was planning on going to MAM's book reading. I told him no and why. He is so wonderful to me!!! J said he wanted me to go and he made it possible for me to do so.

I met MAM and Dipika for dinner first. Finding a great Indian restaurant (located in Powell's) in the process.

MAM is in the process of writing a memoir on love and love for country. Beautiful stuff. Listening to her read Chapter Two, set in her birthplace of Sri Lanka, made me think of my birthplace of Trinidad.

I wonder how will it be to return to Trinidad with J? What would J's impressions of this island nation be? Would he be judgmental of the people or embracing? It's been over 25 years since I was there as a teenager. MUCH has changed. I am a foreigner to my birth country that I left at age two. I really want to visit Trinidad now!

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