Saturday, December 8, 2012

Widney Woman Birthday 2012

My wonderful husband and kids made my birthday sweet and wonderful! I was content to let the day slide by but J reminded me that we celebrate our birthdays for our kids - not us. LOL!

J and the kids gave me beautiful flowers. Love the flowers, love the kids! Mini Me helped pick these out.

Each year, I like to go to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the baby chicks as they hatch. They share the same birthday as me!
My favorite cake from Whole Foods...Yummy!!! Mini Me INSISTED I have a candle. But we only had leftover candles from their birthdays. So....I turned 5 on my last birthday! LOL

It was great to see the Annual Christmas tree. The museum always has trees from various countries. We searched and searched and finally found the Canada tree. 

And then, after the kids went to bed, J surprised me by watching my three favorite movies with me!

It was an amazing birthday. Sweet and simple. Filled with a lot of love.

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