Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I avoided Pinterest for at least the past year. I ran from it. I bad mouthed it. I foo-fooed it. And now I LOVE it!!!

What did we DO before Pinterest? Seriously? How did we live? Where did we get great ideas? How did we keep them all in one place?

I am oh. so. smitten. with. Pinterest.

Please don't ask me what my Board or name or whatever you call it is on Pinterest. I don't know. I go in through Facebook and hit a button. Or I just hit a button on my iPhone. I'm WidneyWoman on Twitter. I think I'm hooked up that way so maybe try to follow me there. And please don't send me instructions. I've decided I'm over 40 and I can be one of those old people that doesn't understand the new technology thingyies.

Gotta go! Pinterest is calling me....

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