Monday, May 7, 2012

All They Can Say Is "No"

The kids' school does very low key fundraisers. This is the second year they have done a flower fundraiser. It's real flowers - flats, pots, hanging baskets, for less than you can get them at Home Depot.

This year, I took the kids with me around our condo complex. They gave the order forms only the neighbors we know by name. About 14 neighbors. Of those, 4 neighbors placed orders. That's 4 more than their school would have had if they hadn't taken 15 minutes out of their evening playtime.

The kids had a blast! They got to visit their friends and walk around the building visiting their friends' dogs. And by friends, I mean adults. When the orders started coming in, the kids were ecstatic!

J thought I was insane but then when he saw the orders rolling in, he began to catch the excitement.

I think it is important to teach our children the importance of going outside their comfort level. To teach them that the worst someone can say is "no." To teach them the joy and excitement that comes from getting that "yes." To teach them to give back to their school. To teach them that they can make a difference. To teach them that they can leverage their sphere of influence to make a difference or to create change.

All those life lessons from a handing out an 8.5" x 11" color brochure with pretty pictures of flowers. 

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