Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Head Lice Infestation!

Mini Me got head lice. I never thought it possible. We are a curly headed family. And we use a lot of product in our hair. Didn't think we could be afflicted. But alas, we have been.

In all honesty, it has not been as bad as everyone has made it out to be. Everyone in Widney Loft was lice shampooed and nit checked (to be safe). Sure, it took me 2.5 hours to comb through Mini Me's hair with a nit comb. I made sure to section her hair off in small chunks and went over each section numerous times from each angle. Then when each section was done, I went over the whole thing a few more times. If my daughter had fine, straight hair, it would have been even easier. But it wasn't that bad.

Even the house de-lousing everyone complains about was not that hard. We put all of their stuffed animals away for two weeks. We washed all of our most recently worn clothes (J had just washed everything so we were in a pretty good place). We washed everyone's bed sheets. Finally, we vacuumed the living room sofa and carseat headrest. But honestly not hard.

Maybe we did something wrong. Everyone makes it out to be the most horrible, horrific experience ever. That you should drop a couple grand to have some Lice Fairy hair salon go through your family's hair with - literally - a fine toothed comb. Or that you should use all these specific products to get your child's hair and your home cleaned. I don't know. Maybe I did do something wrong. But it's gone from Mini Me's hair and we survived.

Have you ever had head lice in your family? What did you use?

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Felicity said...

Ours was loooong. We had to do what you've described three times. Everytime it looked like we were home free and then bam! I'd find another one or two in Ada's long, thick hair. One thing for us what that we caught it so late. She had been complaining of an itchy head for weeks before I thought to check for lice. Unfortunately the school had not informed us that some girls in her class had been infected. So it was more the length of time and the worry that was frustrating for us. I hope you get off as easy as it sounds! A lot of people do, especially if you catch it early in the cycle.