Friday, January 13, 2012

Sonic the Hedge Hog Hat

We made this for our son! 

Sonic the Hedgehog Hat & Scarf

Motor Mouth is OBSESSED with all things Sonic the Hedgehog. 
He asked me to crochet a Sonic hat for him. I finally made it for Christmas. 
As a bonus, I made him a scarf to go with it.

I crocheted the hat.
I modified a pattern I found called "Chemo Hat." 
Unfortunate name for a great little hat that is easy and quick to make. 

J made the face using felt pieces that he glued to a black felt piece that doubled as an outline. That main piece was glued to the hat. Fabric glue just wasn't enough to hold the edges down as it hardened but the hat has to be flexible. I used black thread and a larger needle to sew the edges down.

This was the inspiration for the face of the hat.

Naturally, our boy loved it!

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