Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up

Here is a rundown from the last month or so...

For the first time, we went to the State St Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was a blast!!!  I especially enjoyed singing and dancing to "Shake It Up, Baby" with Santa on State St - like in Ferris Beuller's Day Off! I should mention that we had VIP seating in the stands and THAT is the only way I will ever do a parade in future.

Bun Bun is Gone Gone
Our rabbit, Bun Bun, was adopted from the rabbit farm by another family. When I finally told the kids, I accidentally told them that Moo Moo was adopted from the farm by another family. They were devastated. If you recall, Moo Moo is the Christmas Cow from Santa's farm that visits us each year for the month of December. Needless to say, when I realized my mistake and clarified, the kids were totally cool with the rabbit being adopted - so long as Moo Moo still came. So, if you ever want to break bad news to a children, just tell them they lost something they love and when they realize that is not the case, the lesser news won't be so bad...

Barking Dogs
The timer for my iPhone sounds like a barking dog when it goes off.  I set my timer at work and walked away without my phone. Needless to say, there were a number of disturbed staffers and parents who heard a fierce barking dog in a school building. Bahahaha!

Total Flattery
My friend MAM is a writing professor, published author, speaker, and well all around accomplished in the field of writing. For my birthday, she gave me a book to help me start submitting my work for publication. Basically, MAM said that my writing has improved and with some tweaks here and there, she thinks I'm ready for publication. HIGH PRAISE indeed!!! If MAM thinks it, it must be true. I need to get my butt in gear and start submitting work!

New Blog
It might be time to phase out of Widney Woman into something different. There is much over the last month or two that I would have liked to have shared but can't because for as anonymous much of my blog is, it is not anonymous to those who know me and J. I get out my thoughts and feelings in writing. It is hard to do that right now which leads me to question the viability of Widney Woman. I'll keep you posted.

Toyota Frustration
I'm so frustrated with Toyota right now. We bought a brand new car so we would not have to make expensive repairs in the first 3-4 years. Not working out that way!!! Should have bought a Ford. That way, we would have expected a disappointing vehicle and to pay out the whazoo on repairs!

Okay, so that is about it. I'm sure I have more that I will wish I had said but, oh well. 

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