Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Job

I love my job. Really, truly, love my job.

It's crazy that I love what I do so much. I work harder at this job than any position I have held. It's more out of my comfort zone than almost anything I have done before. 

I do marketing and recruiting for a private school. Initially, I was hired to do marketing and events. That morphed into much more, including recruiting. The thing is, I had really started to enjoy being a stay@home mom and did not want to go back out to work 2 years ago. In fact, I cried on the way to the interview. Cried.

My job is scary. What if no one calls? What if no one submits applications? What if I don't fill the classes? I clearly remember winter 2010 when my boss told me we had less applications than at the same time the previous year. I hauled ass! By the time school started in September, we had increased enrollment by 35% and had a wait list in two grade levels.

This year I could have coasted into a wait list in five grade levels. But instead, we added a new classroom. It is a challenge that I was chomping at the bit for. I could hardly wait to get the final go ahead so I could start working on filling a new class.

I love meeting new parents and new children. I love sharing about the unique educational program we have. I love mailing letters and calling parents to inform them their children have been accepted at our school. I love seeing the children I met at a tour or class visit when they start school. 

I love my job. Really, truly, love my job.

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Serenity said...

I'm so jealous! I love this story, because I've worked from home since right before my first baby. I think about changing this sometimes - for many reasons - but I always balk at the fear part (and the tears). It's a dream of mine, though, to love my job like this. I'm so happy for you! (Also, you have to come comment on blog today - I'm asking people if they've ever imagined being on Oprah, and you actually HAVE been on Oprah - sort of anyway!! I want to hear how it feels to have been a part of the show now that it's truly legendary - what with being over and all.)